12 Things Need to Consider Now to Build a Successful Blog

Many people consider blogging is fun. I also started my blogging journey as my hobby. I like to learn and love to share everything what I have learned. I even didn’t have any plan to Build a Successful Blog in the beginning. After a while of blogging journey I came to understand that I could Build a Successful Blog to carry my living.

This is not a big deal to start a blog even if you don’t know about web developing or how to setup a new blog. Create a blog is just 10 minutes task but Build a Successful Blog you should have to consider a lot of things.

Many people start blogging but only a few can cope up with it. Blogging is easy if you can follow right path and enough passionate to work on it regularly. Blogging could be your career or source of your living income.

If you already have done creating your blog then these 12 considerations are for you for Build a Successful Blog.

Content is a Product

Consider your every blog content is a product. If you produce Great Content then you could be able to generate huge traffic to your blog. Never run for quantity, quality is everything. None want to waste their valuable time reading shitty things. When you start your blog give priorities on your content quality. Even search engine keep your blog on top if you have informative and resourceful content.  Write at least 1000 words article.


You can start a blog where you publish everything or you can create a blog where you publish everything on a selected niche. Research says that niche blogs are more successful rather than lifestyle blog. It’s better to select a niche on which you are more passionate and know more.

Media Content

Always create media file by yourself. Don’t publish any image or video from Google. Even if you give credit but it’s illegal until you ask the owner of that content. There are a lot of copyright free source to use photos. Learn Photoshop is easy so try to see some videos in YouTube about photo editing so that you could create your own media content easily.

Publish Best Article

Don’t publish everything what you write. Always try to publish your best and unique content. Remember, quality is better than quantity. It’s better to publish a great content rather than 5 irrelevant contents.

Target Location and Traffic

Never try to bring everyone in your blog. Different people have different taste. Target those people who are really interested to read your topic. You have to fix location based traffic. It’s almost impossible to convince all the people in the world to read your blog. You have to set a goal and work on it.

As example, European people less interested to know about American culture. So if you have a blog about American culture then it’s better to do not select America to generate your maximum traffic from USA.


You have a new blog and you want to promote your blog on other popular blogs. You can take interview of other popular bloggers and publish it in your blog. Maybe they will share your interview link in their popular blog too. This will generate a lot of traffic from that blog. Even you get a chance to build a strong engagement with the pro bloggers.

Invite Guest Bloggers

Invite guest bloggers to share their article in your blog. So your new blog will get some exciting contents and it will help to rank your blog in search engine rapidly. Be sure you should publish that guest post which is relevant with your blog.  Never compromise with quality.

Guest Posting

Post your content in popular blogs so that it will help to generate traffic from that post links. Always make sure you are posting your content in high DA/PA site and that blog is relevant with your blog. Guest blogging is a great source of creating strong backlinks. Guest posting also increases your blog rank.

Email List

You can generate traffic from various source but if you want to generate sustainable traffic then there are no alternatives to build an Email List. An effective email list helps to keep you connected with your readers. Even you can promote your best post regularly directly to your readers sending them an email. Don’t forget to start building your email list from the inauguration day of your blog.

Blog Design

Keep your blog design as simple as possible. None will come to your blog to see your design. Your goal is to share best content and your readers will come again and again. Never make your blog background dark and content fonts bright.

Readers Get First priority

Always give your reader priority first. Listen what they want in your blog. If you want to keep your blog alive for a long time then you should have to follow your readers demand. Your readers are the heart of your blog. Never post any controversial topic that makes your readers down.

Irrelevant Ads

Almost every bloggers dream is to earn money with their blog. It’s not a big deal but you have to know the right way to make money from your blog.  Never publish irrelevant Ads that is not suit in your blog or your traffic are not familiar with that product or service. You have to select those ads which are relevant with your readers.

Example: If you have a travel blog and you publish gadget ads. Do you think you will ever get any real buyer for this product? Your blog is about travel so you have to select those products which are related with traveling.

I hope above information will help you while you start your first blog. You see a lot of successful blog and they are making a lot of money with their blog. But they are not came this stage in a day. They worked a lot and failed again and again.

You may heard, Success is not for the Lazy.

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