7 Killer Tips to Maximize Google Adsense Income

Hope, I don’t need to tell you what is Adsense anymore. We already know Google Adsense is the most popular Ads publisher. If you really want to make handsome money from your blog with Google Adsense then you should give some effort on Adsense optimization. Yes, Adsense optimization is quite similar as search engine optimization. Google Adsense optimization helps to increase your revenue.

Before telling you about adsense optimization to increase Google Adsense income, you should have to remember that never violates Google Adsense rules. Another consideration is never place too much ads that your readers feel much irritate while visiting your blog. I see a lot of beginner bloggers that they force people to click on their ads. It is totally illegal and you would be banned anytime because of policy violation.

Google Adsense income mostly depends on CTR(Click through rate) and Traffic. If you have huge traffic and high CTR but still poor adsense income then you should have to follow these 7 steps to increase your Google Adsense income.

1.     Traffic

Traffic is one of the vital factors to generate higher adsense revenue. The more your blog traffic the more your income. Never expect living money from Google Adsense unless you have huge amounts of visitors. You should have to ensure that most traffic in your blog are coming directly from search engine. Google Adsense doesn’t like to pay high for paid or inbound link traffic. So work on your organic traffic to increase your Adsense income.

2.     Origin  

The origin of traffic is another important part that determines your real Google Adsense revenue. If you have US/UK traffic in your blog then you could earn a smart amount of money from Adsense. A single click from a US/UK visitor can make $2-$3 on the other hand, traffic from Asian countries are less valuable for CPC. If you have Indian visitor then you can make 10-20 cent for their each click on your blog ads. So be sure you are generating US/UK traffic in your blog for earning more with Google Adsense.

3.     Keyword 

Keyword research is mandatory for both Search Engine Optimization and Google Adsense Optimization. When you are selecting keyword for your blog make sure you are choosing high CPC keywords. High CPC keywords always generate more Adsense revenue.

You can use Google keyword planner or SEMrush to see which keywords are generating high CPC.

4.     Niche

I don’t mention this step at first though this is the first thing you have to choose your niche carefully if you are planning to start blogging for make money from Google Adsense. Your niche considers what type of ads your blog show and how much CPC you will get.

As example, if you have a technology blog where you share technological and gadgets information then your CPC should be high. Other side, if you have a blog about Dating and romance then your CPC seems low. Generally you could make less amount of money from Google Adsense with your dating and romance blog. Choosing a perfect Niche is more important before start a blog.

5.     Block Ads

Regularly check your Google Adsense dashboard where you can see which ads are performing better and which are worst. Never feel hesitate to block those ads which are getting less clicks and paying low CPC. Another thing that you have to monitor is keep an eye on irrelevant ads and block which are not going well with your content type.

6.     Ads Size

This is another important factor to determine Google Adsense CTR. You should have to post your Ads in your content. Link Ads are perform great if you can optimize properly. Always try to keep your link based ads on the header navigation bar.

Another tip is that, if your plan is making money from Google Adsense with your blog then customized your blog design according to Adsense preferable Ads size. So you have enough space to place your Ads on your blog.

7.     Ads Types

A great contradiction is that image Ads perform better than other Ads type. It’s not a wise decision blocking other Ads type and category and show only image Ads type. Keep all types of Ads and optimize them perfectly.

These are the proven strategies to increase your Google Adsense income. If your blog generate money from only Google Adsense then I recommend you to experiment different types of Ads and colors. An experiment shows you which plan works best for you and which is not.

If you follow these 7 killer tips then you should be able to maximize your Google Adsense income. You could be able to increase your income almost 20%-30% higher.

If you know more effective trick to generate more Google Adsense revenue then don’t forget to share with us.
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