Beginners Guide for Reddit Marketing in 2018

Social Media Marketing is the vital option to grow a business rapidly. As a business owner or internet marketer you can’t ignore the most important marketing strategy which is social media marketing. If you are a online marketing geek then you must have heard about Reddit. Don’t feel down if you never heard about this. Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms that you should have to learn how to do Reddit marketing.

Reddit is a different type of social media platform. The user of Reddit are mostly comes from USA. So it can be say that Reddit is a USA based social media platform. If your business based on USA traffic then you should have to be efficient on Reddit marketing.

You will be able to generate huge USA traffic to your business if and only if you will able to rank your post in Reddit. It’s worth to spend time on Reddit marketing.

Reddit is not like other social media platform whether you can do anything whatever you wish. You can lose your Reddit profile even if you do not follow their single terms and conditions. Reddit do not allow any promotional post neither Reddit marketing isn’t legitimate according to their user policy. You have to be natural and individual person to start a Reddit profile. You have to be real for Reddit marketing and follow some tricks to promote your business while you are posing and connecting with people through Reddit.

To be a successful Reddit marketer you have to increase Post Karma and comment Karma. Post Karma meant to increase upvote of your post and comment Karma meant to increase upvote in your Reddit post comment. The more you have get upvote the more Reddit user start following your activities and you get focused. This will build your Reddit credibility and increase the chance of getting engaged with huge real user.

6 Reddit Marketing Tips

1.     Create Real Profile

You can’t post anything in Reddit unless you have a Reddit profile. Create a simple and natural profile is mandatory for Reddit marketing. Never posting your business links as soon as your profile get approved.  Post a few informative and resourceful contents to make people understand that you are real. Wait at least 1 week to share your business links with your content.

2.     Post Relevant Content

Reddit is the platform where you will get real traffic so you should have to be real and post relevant contents that people get helpful. Try to create and share those contents which are close to sub Reddit. The more you make your post Sub Reddit relevance the more you have chance to attract people with your post. Don’t need to increase quantity of post just make sure the quality of post. Have a look on popular Reddit topic and create some content on that topic then post in relevant Sub Reddit.

3.     Be a Reddit User

You don’t need to be a Reddit marketer just be a natural Reddit user. Update your Reddit profile regularly, comment in funny posts and help other through comments in others post. This will increase your reality in Reddit and help you being an active user.

Don’t promote your business regularly instead of posting helpful and interesting content.

4.     Attractive Title

Before posting any content in Reddit just make sure your title is informative and attractive. Long and informative titles bring more interactions.

5.     Respond Others

Respond others comment in your post. This will help you to get engaged with people and make friends who are your potential influencers. This will increase your credibility too.

6.     Share Post

Share your Reddit profile and post in other social media sites. It will help you to increase your post upvote. Moreover, you will get more Reddit followers from other social media sites.


So, it is quite obvious that you won’t be tricky for Reddit marketing. All you just need to be a real Reddit user. Thus I already said, Reddit can ban your profile anytime. You have to be conscious about your Reddit activities.

9 Things Don’t Do in Reddit Marketing

  1. Don’t create fake profile
  2. Don’t post same content twice
  3. Make sure your post never published in Reddit before
  4. Don’t ask for Upvote your post
  5. Don’t publish others private content
  6. Don’t use any bot or automated software for Reddit
  7. Don’t share illegal content
  8. Don’t do spam comments that are not relevant with post
  9. Read Reddit Terms and Conditions before start Reddit Marketing

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