Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2018

Digital Marketing has taken the place of all other marketing in business in recent years. Digital marketing is inevitable to grow your business. Marketing strategy are changing by times and you need to be familiar with every sophisticated marketing policy to cope up with the best marketing for your business. You can’t regret more sophisticated digital marketing tools to make your marketing strategy effective.

There was a time when digital marketing meant generating traffic from search engine but at present the situation changed. Social Media and video portal take a great place in marketing sector.

If you want to expand your business rapidly then there is no alternative to start digital marketing and you should have to be efficient on some best digital marketing tools.


Best Digital Marketing Tools



WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. You may get confusion why I sharing this platform here. But this could be a great place to promote your business. Think, If you have a car shop where you sale different types of car. If you have a blog and you are sharing helpful content in your blog about how to clean car, how to maintain car or how to drive a car. So you could create a huge opportunity to generate potential customer to your business from your blog. Even you can promote your products in your blog as you are generating targeted traffic.

It may take some time to establish a successful blog but if once you could start generating traffic it will be huge beneficial for your business.

Google Trend

Google trend is a great Google feature from where you can learn what are the most popular topic in the world people are talking about. You can learn about latest products and ideas that people are sharing. Even if you want to geographical trending topic it will gives you in a single click.

Google Url Shortener

Url shortener make your ugly and large url pleasant and short. In digital marketing you need to share your business link in a lot of place and most time your links look like

This type of url is quite unpleasant and people feel unsafe to click on this link. So you can make your business link short and simple with this type of digital marketing tools and you get this type of url-

This digital marketing too also show you the link analytics I mean it shows how many people clicked on your shorten links and where are they from. I get this tool too much helpful among all other url shortener tools.


Grammarly is the popular English grammar and sentence correction tool. For marketing purpose you have to promote your business in different countries people who are comes with different language. To make them understand you should have to ensure simple and correct English content. Grammarly help you to correct your misspelled and incorrect grammar. You can install their app in your pc to get offline service as well as install browser plugin to ensure your perfect English while chatting or sending text over internet.


There are a lot of digital marketing tools to track your customer activity in your blog/website. You might heard about Google Analytics a lot of times but I recommend this amazing tool that not only give you user analytics but also help to know in which page your visitor spent much time.


Social media is the key of success in digital marketing. You can’t ignore any social media to promote your business. To make sure your presence in all social media at a time you should have to learn about some best social media managing tools. Hootsuite is the best social media management tools that I am using since 2015 and still get it effective. You can see your post activities and like and comment on other influencers post. Moreover you can respond your customer instantly through Hootsuite. Hootsuite helps you to manage your time with its scheduled post feature thus you can publish your post in your preferred time even if you are not online.


Email marketing is inevitable for every marketer. Email marketing is the best way to contact with your audience directly. You should have to concentrate on collecting emails of your potential customers to Build an Effective Email List. Mailchimp help you to send bulk email to your subscriber in a single click or automatically in a given time. I am using this digital marketing tools since I have started my online business. It offers free 2000 emails send. This is good for a startup marketer. You can upgrade your Mailchimp account to premium where you will get access to send unlimited emails at a time. There is another email marketing tools named Aweber which is also good for digital marketing.

Google Analytics

Though I have mentioned this tool in top SEO tools, although it’s an amazing digital marketing tools too. Google analytics help you to track your visitors and let you inform where they come from and where they are going from your platform. It also tracks your daily visitors ratio, clicks ratio and page views.

This is an amazing Twitter marketing tool that I ever used. I think a lot of marketers hardly know about this digital marketing tools. This tool helps you to manage multiple twitter account together at a time. You can schedule your post, retweet others tweet, can respond your followers tweet. This tool help you to send welcome message to your new followers automatically moreover this tool automatically retweet your weekly top influencers and engagers. This is worth to use this twitter marketing tool to expand your Twitter account in no time.


Rapportive is a great email marketing tool that you need to ensure your collected emails are correct and alive. It has a browser plugin thus you just log into your Gmail and check your contact email is correct or not. Rapportive integrated with Linkedin. If your collected emails has Linkedin account then this tool automatically show you their Linkedin profile.

Though there is no limit of using digital marketing tools and strategy. Everything is updating thus consumer behavior and choice of products changing so you should have to keep yourself up to date with the most sophisticate digital marketing tools.

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