What Are The Best SEO Tools

It’s a question to the blogger and website owners that how they could rank their blog in first page of search engine. The ultimate answer of this question is “SEO”. There is no perfect alternative to generate traffic for your blog or business from search engine. The more you work on your blog/website to make it Search Engine Optimized the soon you will be succeed. You don’t need to spend huge money to buy any SEO course or paid tutorials. You know Practice Make A Man Perfect. You just need to learn about some best free seo tools in the beginning of your journey.
More than 1 billion websites and blogs are exists in the web world. This is obvious that it’s quite hard to generate traffic from search engine to your blog unless you are enough efficient with the best free seo tools

Either you have to learn about a few search engine optimization tools or you have to hire SEO master for your business. You will never be able to make your business viral or reachable in search engine until you optimize your blog/website perfectly.

You don’t need to try every free seo tools. You just need to take a few and practice with those.

I don’t suggest you to buy any expensive seo tools at the beginning. Here I am going to describe some best free seo tools that are mostly free and effective for your blog/website in the beginning.

Best Free SEO Tools by Google

As we know Google is the best search engine and Billions of people are searching their needs in Google. We can’t ignore SEO tools that offer from Google. Let’s see some best free seo tools by Google-

1.     Google Search

Google Search console could be your initial SEO tools to know what people are mostly write in Google Search bar. You can write anything about your niche or what about you want to write for your blog. Google Search will show you some suggestions about what people search mostly about that topic. This method will also help you to determine long tail keywords.

2.     Google Keyword Planner

You have got some ideas about your keywords but don’t know how many people are searching this keyword in Google Search engine and what about the competition status? You just need to go to Google Keyword Planner and check there which keywords are searching mostly and the rate of competition is low. You can easily recognize highly searched low competition keywords with the Keyword Planner tool.

This is the highly recommended keyword searching tool for beginner. Signup with your Gmail account in Google webmaster and you will get free access to use this awesome seo tools.


3.     Google trends

Google Trends is another interesting free seo tools that allow you to understand which stories are trending now. What are searching mostly in the world currently. It will gives you the most popular issues that people are highly interested for a given time period.
See below image that shows the current trending stories that people are mostly viewing-


4.     Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the needy free seo tools for every blog/website owners. Google Analytics help you to analyze your website and gives us core idea about the blog/website progression.

You just need to sign up in Google analytics and paste the code into your website to verify your ownership of that blog/website. You will get every updates about your blog in Analytics tool. Google Analytics let you know which page performing well and which posts are generating more traffic to your blog/website.

To understand the progress of your business you can’t consider using Google Analytics. This Search Engine Optimization tools keep you update which type of post/products you need to share more for grabbing public attention and which type of contents you need to ignore.

5.     Google Webmaster

This is another free seo tools by Google that will let you show Google search console and many more. As usual you need to login with your Google account and upload/paste the code into your website/blog for getting approval. Once you have verified your Webmaster account will get access to see all of your links that are indexing by Google. You will be able to see if there any link errors or broken links. Webmaster tools show your xml sitemaps that are indexing by Google and if there you need to add more xml sitemaps you just click on ADD Sitemaps. Google Webmaster tool is really efficient for a beginner SEO master to understand about the health of a Blog/Website.



Though Google offers a bunch of best free seo tools as a beginner although you should have to learn a few other tools that are huge efficient to optimize any blog/website.

These tools are mainly for deep optimization and ensure your blog/website is perfectly optimized. There are a few tools that have free subscription and you can use for your SEO work.

Best SEO Tools by Others

We are already talked about best free seo tools by Google and now here I am going to share some must have SEO tools that make your SEO work more efficient and gives you extensive performance.

1.     Yoast SEO Plugin

First question to you that “Are you using WordPress for your blog/website?” if yes, then you should have to install Yoast SEO Plugin for your blog. This will reduce your 50% SEO work and done by itself. The all in all SEO plugin that will automatically create your xml sitemaps, index your links and many more.  You will be able to add meta descriptions, focus keywords to your contents with this plugin easily. So don’t forget to install this effective SEO plugin in your WordPress.

2.     SEMrush

SEMrush is a great SEO Tools that allows you to know about core details of a website or keyword. Visit SEMrush and write your keyword in the search bar. It will show everything about that keyword. How many people are searching this keyword organically and how many are paid. You will get related keyword ideas with search volume. Moreover it will show you which sites are in the top position for this keyword. This amazing tool describes graphically different countries CPC for that specific keyword. You will be able to see the trend rate chart in the dashboard.

Another great feature of this tool is getting a complete overview on specific domain. This tool helps you find out how many organic search traffic you are getting and how many traffic you are getting from your paid services. How many backlinks do you have for your domain and how many ads are showing in your website can be seen by SEMrush. This tool will give you a clear visualization of the urls or your all backlinks and which anchor texts did you use for your backlinks. You can learn how many dofollow and nofollow links are belonging with your domain. So it is obvious to say that this is one the best seo tools that you will ever use.

3.     Moz

Moz is another popular seo tools that every pro SEO masters are using. Moz offers a bunch of free SEO service.

  • Keyword Explorer: This tool offers free keyword research. You can search any keyword with this tool and it will show you monthly search volume of that keyword. Moreover it will give you some other related keyword suggestions. This tool clearly describe that keyword is highly competitive or not. You can see which blogs/posts are in the top positions for that specific keyword with keyword explorer tool.
  • Open Site Explorer: This tool is huge effective to know about your Domain Authority and Page Authority. It also shows blog/website spam score that represents what’s going wrong with your blog/website. This tool shows your total internal links and external links with trust score. You will easily understand which pages are performing well in your site with this open site explorer tool.
  • Mozbar: Mozbar is another great tool that will allow you to see any page DA, PA and other metrics while visiting that page. You just need to Download Mozbar and it will make you efficient and save your time.

4.     Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great seo tools as well as I called it social marketing tools. You just search any keywords or your website in Buzzsumo and it will show you which contents are in top position according to social media shares for that specific keywords or specific domain. It also provides individual social shares metrics that you will know how many people sharing your content in Facebook and how many in Twitter. You can filter your search analytics as for specific country or language.

I am using this tool to determine how much exposures are getting my competitors in social media.

5.     Ubersuggest

This seo tools is efficient for keyword research. It will give you related keyword suggestions with search volume. You can directly download your keywords list in excel sheet.

It has an effective extension KeywordEverywhere for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers that helps to find out search volumes and CPC. This is a free extension tool that you can use for your keyword research.

6.     Majestic SEO

This is another great seo tools that helps to know about the entire domain details. Enter your website url in majestic search bar and it will show your domain trust flow.  It shows how many backlinks you have with a chart of your backlinks history. This tool also informs you about total indexed links and a detailed graphical data of your backlinks anchor texts. If you want to keep yourself up to date about your blog/website links then Majestic SEO tool is perfect for you.

7.     Screaming Frog

This seo tools is highly recommended by professionals. You can download SEO Spider in your PC for free and crawl your blog/website with this seo tool. This tool is huge efficient to crawl a website and analyze on site optimization. This tool helps you to find out broken links thus you can fix your broken links. Analyze page titles and meta description along with find out duplicate content. SEO Spider inform your if your meta description is not appropriate or missing. This tool generates xml sitemaps too. You can integrate your Google Analytics account with this SEO Spider tool thus you will be more efficient to look back on your traffic activities.


I think you don’t need to use all of these seo tools in the beginning. SEO is a long time process and you have to be done a lot of works for better results. Start with free and easy tools that you will be more efficient. Most of these tools are free and you don’t need premium service of these tools. SEO is also a brain game so never depend on only tools. Always look forward to hear from your audience and give them what they want from you. Tools help you to make your work done but it won’t do anything by itself.

If you think there are any other best seo tools that is huge effective for SEO master then don’t forget to share with us.

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