20 Blogging Tips for Beginner

You are just starting out Blogging? You are feeling quite worried because there are tons of resources over the internet to learn them all. If you are totally novice in blogging you don’t need to buy a lot of Books or Dvd. I think first you need to read 20 blogging tips that will guide you completely to be a successful blogger. Let’s see them below-

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  1. There are plenty of platforms that you can build your blog on it. But I recommend to choose WordPress because of it’s easy to use and plenty of features.
  2. Choose an attractive and simple theme. As you choose WordPress you will get a lot of free theme that are also seo friendly. WordPress themes are mostly responsive too. You can easily customize any theme or can buy any premium WordPress theme that will comes with a lot of options.
  3. In wordpress there are some plugins that are mandatory to maintain your blog. For SEO I recommend to install Yoast Seo plugin. For security purpose you can use akismet pluging. Jetpack is really useful to track your blog traffic and social media.
  4. Don’t waste too much time on theme and design. Though people like attractive site design but contents are the heart of your blog. So concentrate on quality article instead of theme and design.
  5. Don’t write everything in one blog. Find out a topic on that you are passionate and know about that. Then start writing what you know and start study on your specific field. Make a spreadsheet and put down the headings that you would like to write.
  6. If you don’t get a specific topic to write about then select a category and start writing everything that are relate on your category. No matter what you are write but don’t compromise with the quality of your writings.
  7. Write regularly. Don’t waste time thinking too much. Always try to keep your article long. I recommend to ensure your every article are more than 500 words.
  8. Sometimes write something interesting. No matter what about your topic but try to feel happy to your readers by your content. Do interesting thing in your life so that you could write a lot of interesting article.
  9. Set a goal. Think about why you are start blogging. Don’t think about make money before start your blog. Your goal should be reach million readers not million dollar.
  10. Read and read. Before writing about a topic make sure you have enough experience of that topic and all information are authentic. Never try to write an article with only assumption. Remember the word “First learn then Remove the L”
  11. Bookmark some popular blog that are same as your niche. Follow those blogs and read their articles regularly. It will increase your writing skills and make you efficient in writing.
  12. Before start blogging ask yourself to stop wasting time and focus on your work. Stop watching Tv and don’t waste too much time in social media.
  13. Nowadays one thing I saw people are spending too much time in social media to promote their blog rather than writing quality article. I saw a lot of quality blogs that have millions of traffic in their blog but totally inactive in social media. So I think wasting too much time in social media is not a wise decision.
  14. I think you have no idea what you are writing about. Stop worrying and start wring. Write anything that you know well. Start writing short story. Just start write on different patterns. Experiment everything and keep those that are suitable for you.
  15. Don’t think that other blogger are your competitor. Make them friend. Ask them about their thought. Comment on their article and build a strong relationship with them.
  16. Write about those topics that people are getting help. How to or solve problems are the best way to engage with your readers easily.
  17. Work on your readers. What types of content they actually love to read. Focus on their activities. Engage with them.
  18. Always keep your article simple. Don’t attach too much link that readers feel irritate to read.
  19. Always keep open comment section of your every article that your readers can give their opinions.
  20. Finally I highly recommend you to attach images or videos with your article that people understand your article easily. A thousand words can be describes in a single photo.

Have Fun. Make blogging your passion. Travel as much as possible and share your real life experience with your readers.

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