Why You Don’t Hire SEO Service – True Facts of Search Engine Optimization

I am quite sure you are getting confused reading the title of this article. Yes, It’s really controversial that why you should hire SEO service or don’t hire SEO service

Well, I have experienced a few things while working for a European company as the marketing manager. I have seen a lot of scammers who are misleading SEO service as well as Business.

You should have to consider a few things strictly while hire SEO service or implementing search engine optimization techniques for your business website.

Why You Don’t Hire SEO Service

  1. When a SEO manager offers you a bundle of keywords are literally a scammer. They are offering those keywords that are easy and cheap to rank in search engine. It’s totally insane to take a package of SEO service or hire a SEO manager for selected keywords. You don’t depend on a single strategy for every business. Don’t hire SEO services that are offering you a fixed package.

You just need to analyze your business and competitors to set a goal first.

  1. Undoubtedly, it’s too much expensive to rank any site on Google Search Engine. I don’t get it right to invest small budget for Google ranking. Instead of Google, you can easily rank on Yahoo and Bing search engine. It may take one to two months with a little budget get to page 1 in Yahoo and Bing Search Engine. Though Yahoo and Bing isn’t much popular search engine or it shouldn’t drive too much traffic but I prefer to be on first page in Yahoo/Bing instead of page 100 in Google search Engine.

So you should have to make sure why you hire SEO service. Yahoo or Bing doesn’t require too much work to rank on. So it’s okay if you don’t hire SEO service for your small business.

  1. If you really focused to get potential customers from Google with fixed low budget then the best option is use Adwords. PPC is way better option if you are unable to invest huge money on SEO service.

SEO consultant may tell you a lot that you will get huge hits with a low budget but truth is SEO isn’t cheap. It requires a lot of time and lots of work to get effective results of SEO. So I highly recommend you don’t hire SEO service unless you have enough budgets to invest on SEO service.

  1. It’s too competitive to rank in Google search engine. As I said before, it takes more time to see any positive results on Google ranking. Google changing their algorithm frequently thus to cope up with the latest update or to ensure the rank on first page in Google you have to take a lot of SEO strategy regularly that requires too much investment. SEO is an ongoing process. Don’t hire SEO service unless you are able to afford for a long time.
  2. The truth is “Content is the King”. If you don’t have enough contents that are perfectly optimized for the keywords then you won’t be able to rank your business website in search engine. You need a lot of supporting contents that help you to rank for the selected keywords.

Invest on your contents first. If you don’t have contents that are informative and valuable then it’s worthless to hire SEO service. Moreover, A website never be able to get in first page in search engine without contents. No matter how much you intend to invest on SEO service.

Don’t hire SEO service in the beginning. Hire a content generator for your business first.

  1. Don’t hire SEO service whose are doing nothing but spamming your post with comments and spamming in social media groups. Sharing your site here and there doesn’t mean search engine optimization process.

If you are selling a product or service that costs 500$ then doing spamming won’t generate a single sale ever.

  1. Few years back, when I went to hire SEO service from freelance marketplace one thing wondered me too much. I saw a lot of people are showing testimonials that are ultimately fake.

Real SEO service provider must have a website or several sites on that they are working. Even they must have their own website on first page in search engine.

Don’t hire SEO service that is not able to show you proven track or have their owned site.

  1. I don’t see any difference in page 2 and page 50 in search engine ranking. If you won’t be able to invest on SEO service continuously then don’t hire SEO service for a short time.

You won’t see any positive results of SEO within a few days. SEO requires a lot of investment to see effective results.

  1. It doesn’t mean if you have a business website then you should have to hire SEO service. SEO isn’t mandatory for all business. If you have an online shop which sells a lot of things together then you would never be able to get rank over Amazon/ebay.

Your business might be on online shopping but it’s obvious Amazon and Flipkart always be on the top position for those online business keywords.
So the best option while you are selling online products is create a strong group and promote your business in your local area first.

  1. A professional SEO manager knows what is penguin, Panda and other algorithms. A professional SEO manager must have a written strategy that he ensures your business growth.

Don’t hire SEO service that are unable to show you written strategy and what he will done for your business growth.

  1. Keep your website design Clean and Simple. Be sure your website load time is very fast. You don’t need to add too much videos or fancy slider to attract people. These things will do the 50% of your SEO tasks. Choose a theme which is clean and simple.
  2. SEO is too much complicated for the developed countries. Business owners are spending too much money on SEO and business promotion. So don’t compete with the business whose are spending a lot of money on SEO service.
    If you are not able to spend a lot of money for a long time then don’t hire SEO service.


Though it’s obvious that without SEO it’s almost impossible to get rank in search engine but smart business plan will do the rest. Don’t hire SEO service in beginning of your business until you have set a goal and you have proper plan of how you want to grow your business.


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