Essential Tips to Apply for Google Adsense

Do you have a Blog? Are your blog has a good number of regular visitors? If the answer is YES, then you are just a step behind to earn money from your blog. Google Adsense is the best sources of earning money by publishing advertise on your blog. Thousands of people are making millions of money from Google Adsense. If you like to do so you should have to follow some steps for getting Google Adsense approval on your Blog. Let’s talk about pre-condition of Google Adsense Approval-

Domain Name

Though I already discussed about the importance of Domain name in my other posts but it is worth to say you should have to choose a unique domain name. Remember Domain name always represents you and your Blog. There was a time when Google approved any WordPress Blog for Adsense, but now the situation is totally different. If you really interested to get Google Adsense approval then you should have to own unique domain name. More than time is much important for getting Google Adsense approval. Google Adsense team does not approve any domain which age is less than 6 months.

Design of the Blog

To ensure a good number of regular traffic you have to keep your Blog attractive and simple. People do not like messy design.  Don’t forget to add some photos in your every post. Photos work 10 times more than hundreds of word.  The more your traffic increases the more your chance of getting Google Adsense approval. Google Adsense team likes simple and optimized blog for posting advertisements.

Types of Content

Types of content you are posting on your Blog is the another important thing. Remember, Google Adsense team does not accept those Blog who are posting Sex, Adult contents, Illegal posts or Drugs related content. You may get a lot of visitors on your blog but you will never get Google Adsense approval. So don’t waste your time to write on these topics. Better to write about Business, Entrepreneur, Travel, Food, Home, Marketing, Social media, Technology, Gadgets, Education and whatever are useful for general people.

Number of Contents

It’s quite contradictory thing to say exactly how many articles do you need for getting Google Adsense approval. I saw some blogs got Google Adsense approval with 20-30 articles. On the other hand Blog that are containing hundreds of articles are still rejected. Don’t be worry about this. Start writing informative articles regularly and keep your blog up to date regularly.

Privacy Policy Page

Some people think Privacy Policy Page is not much important for getting Google Adsense approval. But It is one of the most important thing to create a Privacy Policy page for your blog thus people could know what types of privacy do you use for your blog.  When your readers read the privacy policy about your blog they will trust you and frequently pay a visit to your blog.

About us Page

About us page indicate that what about your blog is and who are behind of the blog. Your will never be able to get Google Adsense approval if your blog doesn’t have this page. This page is also a great way to introduce about you and your personal life.

Contact us Page

This page is about your contact details. Your Email, Phone number, Street address and whatever way you want to share that people can contact with you. It’s not like that people always like your all content. So Contact us Page is the medium of expressing their thoughts and opinions directly to you. Google Adsense team concern about this page too.

Organic Traffic

Before applying for Google Adsense you should have to ensure that your blog hits a good amount of traffic daily. The more you get visits on your blog the more your chances of getting approval. Organic traffics are mainly from Google Search, Social media and marketing.

Paid Traffic

Are you thinking about to increase your traffic by paying or any other paid source?
Then you are on the wrong track. Google hates such this type of trick. Not only your Adsense approval rejected but also your blog face Google penalize.

Different Ad Networks

There are a lot of Ad networks that you can earn money by publishing their Ad on your site. But if you want to get Google Adsense approval you should have to ensure that your blog doesn’t contain any other Ad networks Ad. Be sure that you removed your previous Ad network before applying for Google Adsense.


Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is the key thing to get Google Adsense approval. SEO helps to show your blog on Google Search results and people found your blog in different source. SEO is a spread sector of blogging. I will write about SEO soon. You may hire a SEO expert to do On-page and Off-page SEO before applying for Google Adsense. A well optimized blog have more chances to get Adsense approval.

Finally, you have to keep patience and do your best. Google do not give you a lot of money in a day. Though there are a lot of blogger who are getting millions of money from Google Adsense. To be one of them, you have to know a lot, more experience, more skills and more patience.

You application may be rejected but don’t give up. You have chances to apply for Google Adsense several times.  When you get rejected, find out what was wrong then fix the problem and apply again.

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