How to Generate Blog Post Ideas that Increase Website Hits

Blogging is one of the great tools to build a strong community moreover expand digital marketing for any business. Some people write blogs as sharing about their lifestyle is passion and passing time. Passionate writer have a lot of blog post ideas to write on.

Blogging can also be a medium of living earning if your blog generates huge visitors regularly. There are plenty of ways to make money with blogging like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Reviewing Products, Sponsors Posts etc.

Big companies are writing blogs to let people know about their product and services and some cases they are selling their products through blog. In this case those companies require blog post ideas which are related with their company policy and products.

Struggling with Writing Blogs SEO Friendly

However, blogging has large scope to generate money all but you should have to generate huge traffic for that. Start a blog from the scratch is easy and a 10 min task but making a blog popular and credible is too tough. It requires a lot of hard work and patience with perfect strategy to increase website hits. Your blog post ideas define your blog popularity. If you do not have interesting ideas to write on your blog then your blog will be a crap.

Write blogs regularly and efficiently is one of the important tasks to increase website hits. Writing blogs regularly doesn’t mean whatever you wish to be writing and posting. You have to generate blog post ideas that are huge interesting and informative to your visitors.

You should have to write blogs that are informative and people really feel helpful. Though we have writes a lot of blogs but doesn’t get enough traffic. One of the major reasons of do not get enough website hits is we do not write what we really need to write and our visitors are seeking of that. This happens when you fail to generate perfect blog post ideas. While we are writing a lot but forget what’s new can we write blogs here I’m sharing a few ways to get blog post ideas to write blogs.

1.     Daily News

It’s a great habit to read daily newspapers. It enriches your knowledge. Newspaper could bring you out with latest news on your niche that you never imagine. Whether Search engine gives you same results and topics for a long time but newspaper provide current news on everything.


2.     Analyze Visitors Comments

One of the best sources of getting blog ideas to write is comments from your top post readers. If you have popular posts then you can easily figuring out about your visitors needs because they frequently ask what about they want to know further. Sometimes you will get expert comments that will be huge beneficial for getting ideas to write blogs.

Sometimes I think something important but actually can’t figure out perfectly how to do this. In this case I respond my visitors comment and ask them about that what they really wanna know.


3.     Survey on Your Potential Visitors

If you have a blog on your products and services then do a survey on your customers and visitors to understand their minds. This will help you to know what products and services your customers really want and what should you have to update about your products and services.

Big companies are doing this regularly to understand their customers and ensure their sales funnel perfect.

As a blogger you can do a survey to know about your visitors need. What types of information does they are looking for and what they are wanna know from this type of blog.

One of the easiest ways to make a survey done efficiently is create a pool in social media with a few questions that will let you know about your visitors need.


4.     Q/A Site Monitoring

Q/A sites are a great source of getting information and ideas to write blogs regularly. Create a profile in some Q/A sites like Quora and Yahoo answers. A lot of people are sharing their thoughts and ideas there. Q/A sites conversations are the best way for getting blog post ideas. You can look on plenty of answers and question according to your niche. Moreover you can ask anything there for getting expert advice thus a lot of people are using those popular Q/A sites to answer people questions. You can easily acquire thousand words blog post ideas from this platform.

5.     Competitors Activities

We are taking a lot of strategies to go ahead from our competitors. We have made plan to increase our sales than our competitors. We are running everywhere to grab more public attention than our competitors. But in some cases our competitors helping us undoubtedly. While you are fail to generate blog post ideas then just visit your competitor blogs. Find out which topics they have already written and what they didn’t write. Make a list of your top competitors and write on those topics that your competitors missed and add more information than your competitors. Don’t copy you’re your competitors content. Just get idea and write more informative posts.

6.     Celebrities Activities

This blog post ideas help you to write on trending topic as well as what are sharing by the celebrities in your niche. People generally like to be influence by popular figure. So it’s a great way to get ideas from your niche celebrity activities.

7.     Trending Niche

This is one of the best methods to write blogs regularly without worrying about blog post ideas. Trending Niche blogs are always high in demand thus people like to know about the trending things. You can follow up the trending topics checking Google trends and twitter trending hashtag. Nowadays social media is a great platform to know what are happening and what people are taking too seriously.


8.     Experts Interview

Sharing expert interview as blog post is a great beneficiary. First, people like to read experts opinions. You will get authority for sharing expert interview. If your experts share this interview in their popular blog then you will get huge website hits. I have shared an expert interview in my blog which is still generating website hits regularly.
See here-

9.     Controversial Topics

You must have heard “Any Publicity is good publicity, Negative publicity is the best publicity.
Yeah I am thinking as same. People have more interest in controversial topics. People like to argue with these topics and get favor from others. You can find out those controversial topics in your niche and business then write an article to share with people. Be sure you have get enough scope to talk people too.


While people buy any products and services they are seeing several reviews on that product and service to ensure its advantages and disadvantages. So you generate some blog post ideas with writing blogs on your products and services and some other popular brands.

11.Problem Solving

Do you like to hear lecture for nothing? I really feel irritate. If you share posts that are nothing but a general lecture then people do not feel interested to read. While you are looking for blog post ideas you should have to looking for problems in your niche that your visitors are searching for. This way you will be able to generate website hits along with credibility.

12.Social Media Communities

Social media is the largest public communication platforms nowadays. Billions of people are connected with each other through social media. If you are surfing in social media communities you will get a lot of blog post ideas for free even about that idea you never think of.


Though there are a lot of ways to generate blog post ideas to increase website hits. I have mentioned a few effective and efficient ideas from that you will be able to write a lot of posts. Never limit yourself to search in every possible place to get ideas to write blogs. You can’t imagine that you may get ideas to write on something interesting even while you are hanging with your friends and family.

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