43 Proven ways to get more traffic to your website

If you have a blog with lots of content doesn’t mean you have a successful blog. Successful blog means you have a blog which get more traffic regularly. Traffic is the heart of a blog. If you don’t get more traffic then you can’t dream of earning money from your blog. You can buy traffic from outsource but it will not works with search engine. You should have targeted traffic in your blog regularly.
Suppose, if you have a tech blog then you should have to target those people who like technology, gadgets and frequently buy tech products from online. So you know what type of traffic you want for your blog.

One of the most common questions I am facing regularly in social media and Quora is How to get more traffic to my website. Though it is not a matter of a day but following a few tricks and working consistently could be the best option to get more traffic to any website.

I have learned a lot of ways to get more traffic to a blog. All you need to set your goal and concentrate on these 42 steps that I have mentioned below to get more traffic to your website.

1.     Write Great Content

The first and mandatory step is to follow that you should have to write resourceful and relevant content. Your reader never like scatter information neither they like half information and go to other blog to know more. They always want everything together, a complete informative content.

2.     Update Your Blog Regularly

None like obsolete information. Everything in this world is dynamic. People like to read latest and more resourceful content. So update your post as soon as you get latest updates to add.

3.     Write Regularly

If you don’t publish regularly then your reader won’t visit your blog twice. Active blogs get more traffic thus people know they must get something new there. So try to post twice or more in a week.

4.     Write Killer Titles

You know almost 80% people just read post title. People don’t want to waste their valuable time by reading bullshit things. So they came to understand what type of content you post just by reading your post title. Be sure you select a killer title that should attract your readers most.

5.     Keyword Selection

Concentrate on selecting keywords. It’s a major thing to select low competitive and highly searched keyword for your blog post. You can use Google Keyword Planner, BuzzSumo or Google search to get idea about keywords.

6.     Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keywords work great for search engine than short keywords. Pro-blogger recommended for using long tail keywords for better search results. Long tail keyword helps to specify your blog post clearly.

7.     Add Photo

Add photo in your blog post. Post with photo ranks well in search engine and people like to see relevant resourceful photo rather than reading everything.

8.     Add video

If your blog post is about teach something then you should try to share video training program. People like to learn something by watching videos more than reading article.  You must see search engine keeps video post in top rank nowadays.

9.     Outbound links

When you mention any reference or other services don’t forget to mention their link in your post. Google likes to see outbound links in your post. Moreover, when your mentioned company see you linked their site maybe they will mention you too so you will get traffic from that link.

10.    SEO

The most important task to increase your blog traffic is doing SEO practice perfectly. SEO helps to make your blog viral, user friendly and rank well in search engine that people easily get your blog. It’s a long time process, so start from now to drive more traffic to your blog.

11. Comment on Relevant Blog Post

I don’t need to say again that blog commenting is an easiest way to get backlinks. It also helps to generate more traffic from that comment links. But don’t comment too much that seems like you are doing spamming.

12. Guest Post on Popular Blogs

It’s a killer way to generate more and more traffic from your guest post on popular blog. Guest post allows you to build high quality backilnks that is worthy for your blog credibility. Post on Other blogs regularly and engage with the popular bloggers.

13. Build Email List

Email marketing is the best way to drive traffic in your blog regularly. Most people check their mail daily so if you promote your blog directly to your readers via email the chance of getting those readers in your blog is high. Read here-

14. Write “How To” Post

People more likely interested to read How To post. Write some articles like this one. You will get more traffic than a general post title.

15. Featured on Other Blogs

Try to be featured on other blogs and give interview. This will helps to generate traffic from that interview links and it also increase your personal value. Don’t forget to share your interview link in your blog too.

16. Blog Community

Join multiple blogging communities where all bloggers are like and share each other posts. It also helps to increase your engagement with many bloggers.

17. Submit your blog on Web Directories Site

Submit your blog on top we directories sites according to your niche. It will helps to rank your blog.

18. Giveaway

Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff?  Start a blog contest or giveaway program that people will more interested to subscribe your blog. This is one of the best way to be viral in short time.

19. Use Blog Logo Everywhere

Your blog logo is your signature. Use it everywhere so people start trust on you and your products. This is a way of marketing.

20. Write Press Release

Write press release about your blog and services and publish it in popular online news portal.

21. Use Social Share Button

Use social share button in your blog post. People who like your post will likely share your post in their profile. So make sure your social share button is visible and one click share.

22. Facebook Promotion

Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Billions of people are active on Facebook. Don’t miss to promote your blog post in Facebook and get a lot of readers from there.

23. Twitter Share

Twitter is another social media platform to share your blog. It helps to share your links with people in no time.

24. Google Plus Promotion to Get More Traffic

Google Plus is another social media where people share news and regular activities. Create a Google plus account and start sharing your blog post now. It also helps to rank well in Google search engine.

25. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform where you can create a free blog or you are able to share your primary blog post in Tumblr.

26. Linkedin Share

Linkedin is the most popular professional social media platform where you will find professional people to get engaged. Share your article in your Linkedin profile.

27. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an effective way to drive traffic to your site. Submit your blog post in Stumbleupon and so other social bookmarking sites.

28. Invite Guest Blogger

Invite guest blogger to post their article in your blog. It will helps them to get some inbound links but it also help you to increase your blog content and people will come to post on your blog regularly.

29. Share your Blog on Personal Profile

Share your blog post in your personal social media profile. Your friends and followers will be able to read your post and likely be regular readers of your blog.

30. Use HashTags

Hashtags help to find out desired search results. So don’t forget to use hashtags while share your blog post on social media. You can also check trending hashtags that people are mostly searching.

31. Submit your blog in Dmoz

This is one of the most powerful directories that will rank your blog high in search engine results. Don’t forget to submit your blog in Dmoz.

32. Breaking News

Don’t miss the chance of covering breaking news or events which are related with your blog niche. You will get credits and popular newspaper may share your links in their post as a reference.

33. Post on QA Sites

Be regular on Yahoo Answer and Quora sites and give answers with your blog reference. So they will visit your blog to solve their problems.

34. Share Celebrity Interview

Try to cover some important person interview and share this on your blog. That person would like to share your post in their profile thus you will get lots of traffic.

35. Share Regularly

Share your previous popular contents in social media regularly. It also helps to catch some new traffic.

36. Post Unique

Write something that was never been wrote by someone. You will get huge traffic from this type of post. (Though it is quite hard but not impossible)

37. Amazon Review

Review products that are related with your blogs and don’t forget to share your link in amazon review.

38. Compare Blog

Post about comparing your blog with some other relevant blog. They will try to prove themselves best and maybe you could get a backlink from their reply post.

39. Translate Foreign Blog

Translate popular foreign bog post and post in your blog. You will get a lot of foreign visitors.

40. Write in Forum

Be active in popular forum and engage with them regularly. This will helps to build a strong community.

41. Write Free e-Book

Write an e-book and give it free to your readers. This will help to build a long time relationship with your readers.

42. Join in Groups

Join in social media groups and share your post among them. Comment on other posts regularly. You also can create group in Facebook, Google plus and build your own community.

44. Reddit

Reddit is the most popular and effective social bookmarking platform for all time. If you want to get more traffic from USA then you can’t avoid reddit marketing.

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I know there are also a lot of ways to get more traffic to your blog. Start applying these steps one by one and see the results. If you have any other great way to get more traffic in a blog then don’t forget to share with us.

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