A Complete Beginner Guide to Learn Affiliate marketing

I have started blogging to share my ideas and what I have learned. After a couple of months I came to know that it’s not possible to make money with my blog. As I didn’t know about affiliate marketing in that time so I tried Google Adsense for my blog but I have failed several time to get approval. It’s simple because I didn’t know about Google Adsense approval terms and conditions. Moreover my blog wasn’t Adsense friendly in that time. Then started looking for other options to monetize my blog and have got a couple of options. Among them I have found that Affiliate marketing is the best way to make living money. I have read a lot of ebooks on affiliate marketing and implement on my blog to get better performance. I had to struggle a lot thus I didn’t get a complete guide to learn affiliate marketing. This is the main reason I am sharing this Beginner Guide to Learn Affiliate Marketing.
Though this Guide is quite simple although it should be worthy for you. Take a mug of coffee with you and start reading this guide to learn affiliate marketing and be a geek of affiliate marketer.


Learn Affiliate Marketing


Table of Contents

  • About The Author
  • Why You Read This Affiliate Marketing Guide
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Basic Terms Of Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Start Affiliate Marketing
  • Best Way Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Things Need To Consider Before Start Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Choose Best Affiliate Products And Services
  • Top Affiliate Marketplace At A Glance
  • Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketplace Instead Of Single Affiliate Products
  • How To Withdraw Money From Affiliate Programs
  • Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing Instead Of Other Monetize Program
  • Conclusion
  • Tools for Affiliate Marketing


A Step y Step Guide to Create a BLOG!

About the Author

I’m Siful Moni from Bangladesh studying in Economics. Since childhood I never get anything interesting in my academic textbook. I always believe that I am able to learn a lot from the roads instead of classrooms. I started Freelance photo editing in 2012 and started earning a decent amount of money that was enough for my everyday pocket expenses. In 2013 I realize that SEO is going to take a great place in freelance marketplace and its demand is increasing. So I stopped my photo editing job and started learning SEO.

After couple of months I have learned basic SEO and started working in freelance marketplace. I have done a few projects successfully and got a chance to work as a Social Media Marketer of a tutorial blog. After years this tutorial blog owner gave me a great offer to manage his all business social media profiles and blogs along with digital marketing. I started working with this European CNC manufacturing company. My boss is just an awesome person. He gave me a lot of marketing tools and bought a lot of resource for me to learn digital marketing. I have learned WordPress blog management, Article writing, SMM, Digital Marketing, Arduino and a little knowledge about CNC machine.
Unfortunately I left that job and started working as a freelancer again but it was painful to me to work with different time zone as well as I have to manage my study time.
I knew WordPress thus I have started this blog. And started sharing what I have learned.

You may think it’s worthless to share my path how I started affiliate marketing. But this will help you to realize why you should start affiliate marketing to make living money.


Why You Read This Guide to Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you ask me why I write this guide to learn affiliate marketing then the answer is simple, when I started learning affiliate marketing I found couple of books and posts that was awesome but quite complicated for the beginner. I faced problems to understand couple of affiliate marketing terms. This is the main reason I planned to write a simple and easy guide to learn affiliate marketing. I believe that this guide will help every beginner to understand every terms of affiliate marketing while they started learning affiliate marketing. You can learn affiliate marketing A to Z from this guide.

This Guide drives you from what is affiliate marketing to generate money to your bank via your affiliate sale. This guide is not for those who are looking for make money overnight. You would be able to generate living money from affiliate sale once you learn the core of affiliate marketing and set up a sales funnel. Affiliate marketing is not a quick money making method. It requires a lot of times, dedication and proper strategy to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Don’t feel down seeing the failure hanging around you. You just have to keep patience and work consistently and the result will break the fear of failure. Let’s go ahead-

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of generating customers to buy products that is provided by someone else.
Affiliate Marketing refers the marketing process by which you can promote the products that is not yours but you generate customers and influence them to buy that product and when people buy that product from you promoted links then you get a commission for make a sale.
This business system comes from the local middle man business process. The digital promotion and selling through online called Affiliate Marketing.

There is not fixed amount of affiliate marketing. You can earn from 1$ to 100$ for a single affiliate sale. The earning mainly depends on your promoted products, amount of sale and rate of commissions. Affiliate marketing require a lot of work to establish a sales funnel but once you have done the initial process then you could make huge money even while you are sleeping.

Here is the complete process of Affiliate Marketing-

  1. Generate Traffic from your website to click on your affiliate links
  2. Your traffic go to product/service website
  3. Traffic turn into customer and buy that product/service
  4. You earn commission for make a sale

I think you have got enough idea about Affiliate marketing and this will make your path to learn affiliate marketing easier.

Basic Terms of Affiliate Marketing

Now it’s time to learn about a few common words that are using everywhere in affiliate marketing. While you intend to learn affiliate marketing, you have to learn these terminologies. You will have to face these words frequently in your affiliate marketing learning stages.

·         Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketers are those publishers who promote products and services like you and I. Affiliate marketers are mainly work for make a sale from product website.

·         Affiliate Marketplace/Program

Affiliate marketplace or programs are those who are offering several products or individual products for selling through your way and get commission. Commission Junction, ShareASale, Amazon Affiliate are the biggest affiliate program who are offering variety of products for affiliate sale. Even you can choose a single product affiliate program from the product website. Just be sure your desired product offers affiliate program. It’s better to choose central affiliate marketplace from where you can choose multiple product in a single account thus it help you to track your all affiliate programs from one place.

·         Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are those tracking links given by your affiliate program to promote and keep tracking of your affiliate sale. This tracking link is similar as a url that track the actions that your visitor performing with affiliate products. When you join in any affiliate marketplace of affiliate program you will get a unique tracking link to manage your sale metrics.

Example of an affiliate tracking link- www.bluehost.com/track/myblogtech/

Here is my Bluehost affiliate links. You will get your own affiliate links when you join in any affiliate program. All I just need to promote this link among my traffic and while they buy a product from this link, I will get commission for make a sale.

·         Affiliate Manager

Affiliate manager are those person who help you to grow your affiliate sale. When you join in any affiliate program a person will collaborate with you to make you understand about that affiliate program. As soon as you will be able to build a good relationship the sooner you will be able to increase your affiliate sale.

·         Commission

Commissions are the amount of money any affiliate programs are offering for selling their products or services. Some affiliate companies are offering percentage of total sale and some are offering a fixed amount of money for making every sale of their product through your affiliate links. It’s better to choose that products which are offering big portion of commission.

·         Link Cloaking

When you get an Affiliate link to promote a product in most cases the link looks ugly. Link cloaking turns your link into a simple attractive link.
Example of link cloaking- www.myblogtech.com/recommend/67h6353dbhgd37dbbf

Cloaked link: www.myblogtech.com/recommend/product

·         Coupons

Several affiliate programs are offering coupon codes to promote affiliate sale. When you could be able to manage a good number of sales then you can ask to your affiliate manager for a custom coupon that will also help to increase your branding.

·         Two Tier Affiliate Program

This is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing system in which you can make money while your recommend affiliate marketer make a sale. This is also called sub-affiliate program. Before choosing any affiliate program just read their terms and condition and make sure they have two tier affiliate program. In this affiliate marketing policy you don’t need to sale any products directly. You just need to recommend some other affiliate marketer to join this affiliate program and while they sale any products with their affiliate links then you will get commissions for their sale.

·         Special Affiliate Offer

When you are able to generate huge number of sales from your affiliate links then you may get an offer to promote special affiliate products that is only created for you.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Take a long breathe and let’s know about the core part of affiliate marketing. You already understand that what is affiliate marketing and why you should start this but you have to know perfectly how to do affiliate marketing and what methods or ways should you promote your affiliate links through your audience.
There are several from of digital marketing by which you can promote your affiliate links and earn money. Some methods of affiliate promotions are given below-

  • Blog Website Promotion
  • Review Website Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Comparison Website
  • Direct Social Media Promotion

Blog Website Promotion

If you have a blog with huge regular visitor is a great option for promoting affiliate links in your blog. If you like blogging or like to start a blog to help people sharing informative articles and at a time you are able to build credibility then it’s one of the easiest way to do affiliate marketing.

Review Website Promotion

If you have a website where you are sharing about the products that you are using is another great option to promote those products in your review articles. People can easily know about the product from your review and if they like the product then they could buy it from your affiliate links and you will get commissions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to interact with your traffic directly. This is one of the best digital marketing process nowadays. If you have loyal traffic who are count on you then you have a great chance to promote affiliate product links directly to your audience through email marketing.

Product Comparison Website

Product Comparison website are those website who are comparing between two similar products. This type of website helps people to get an idea which product should you buy and why. If you can build a website like this then you could promote affiliate links of that product which is comparing by you.

Direct Social Media Promotion

If you have a social media community with huge followers and they trust you then you can promote your affiliate links directly to social media profile. You need to ensure that your social followers are real and they are interested or using that product you are promoting.

Best Way of Affiliate Marketing

I have already mentioned several ways of Affiliate Marketing. Among these ways the best and coolest method to promote affiliate program is blogging. If you like to write for the people that are informative and helpful then it will take no time to build a strong community with credibility.
It’s not a big deal if you don’t like to write by yourself. You can outsource some articles for your blog from different freelance marketplace like Freelancer, Upwork. It would require some time to build a reputable blog and generate good number of traffic but once you build loyal community then it would be easy to sale your affiliate products and generate commissions.
I recommend to takes some times and build a blog that will be a life time money making machine.

Things Need To Consider Before Start Affiliate Marketing

Before join in any Affiliate programs you should need to know about their terms and policies. There are a few things that you have to know to ensure your earning from affiliate sale. I am using a lot of affiliate programs since years and different affiliate programs are offering different features.

Here are some core things that you have to consider before join in any affiliate program.

Affiliate Link System

When you choose any affiliate program be sure they are providing direct single product link. Some affiliate program offers landing page link thus your visitor get confused while they go the affiliate site and don’t understand what products they should buy.
Moreover, some affiliate programs share only links instead of attractive banners. So I recommend to make sure your affiliate program offers both links and banners thus you could share in your blog post and landing page.
Another thing you need to consider before join in any affiliate program. Ask your affiliate manager to provide custom links that will help to increase your branding too.

Commission System

I have mentioned this feature already. Before join in any affiliate programs just make sure they are giving a decent amount of commission. Always try to promote online products and services that are giving almost 50% commissions.

Payment Option

Imagine, you joined in an affiliate program and earned money promoting that affiliate products but can’t withdraw your money. It’s really pathetic! Nah! Before join in any affiliate marketplace or affiliate program read out their payment options and be sure their payment option is available in your country. I will write about payment options of Affiliate Marketing bottom of the post.

Lowest Payment Amount

This is another thing you have to consider while join in any affiliate program. Some affiliate program sets a fixed amount of money to withdraw. This mean, you can not withdraw any amount of money from that affiliate program. Suppose an affiliate program says you can’t withdraw money less than 50$. So this may require you should have make 50$ to withdraw that money. It’s hard to make such that amount of money from a single affiliate program at the beginning.

How to Choose Best Affiliate Products and Services

This is the most vital task to choose best product for affiliate marketing. I saw a big number of people got failed in affiliate marketing because of choosing wrong product.

Think differently, you have affiliate products about hair color and you are promoting this product among your traffic but your visitors are facing hair loss problem. So it is obvious that who are suffering from hair losing never intend to buy hair color.

Choosing the right product according to your audience is the key of success in affiliate marketing. You have to think twice before choosing affiliate products-

  • Where your audience come from
  • What types of products they frequently using
  • What about your product type
  • How you promote these products

You have to make sure your promoted products are frequently using by your audience. You are promoting best products and services. Never promote any product that you didn’t test or used by yourself. Another thing have to consider before choosing right products for affiliate marketing is does your blog niche is relevant to your products.

The more you are conscious and tricky to choose right affiliate products sooner you will be successful in affiliate marketing.

Top Affiliate Marketplace at a Glance

While you intend to join in affiliate marketplace the first thing that you have to choose top affiliate marketplace. Several affiliate marketplace are exists for affiliate marketers with a lot of products. 3 best affiliate marketplace are-


ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces since 2000. You will get a lot of affiliate programs in ShareASale. They are offering a decent webinars for their new user to guide them perfectly to promote their affiliate programs.

Amazon Affiliates

One of the best affiliate programs for visible products is amazon. Amazon is the world largest e commerce website. People are buying things from amazon. So if your blog is about any amazon products then I recommend you to join in amazon affiliates in no time.

Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ formerly commission junction is another popular and trusted affiliate marketplace for beginner. Here you will get a lot of digital products affiliate program. Their dashboard is awesome. You can share their promotional code with several formats easily. Don’t forget to join in this popular affiliate marketplace.

Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketplace Instead of Single Affiliate Products

There are thousands of affiliate programs are available. You can sign in every affiliate programs and manage them differently or sign in any affiliate marketplace and manage all affiliate programs in one marketplace. I think choosing affiliate marketplace is best. You don’t need to manage several affiliate dashboard and don’t need to track all actions differently. In affiliate marketplace you can track all links in one dashboard and even look after on your affiliate sale in one click. Moreover affiliate marketplace is more trusted than single affiliate programs.
You can withdraw your affiliate earnings together from affiliate marketplace with lowest charge. In individual affiliate program you have to withdraw money individually and it charges a lot thus you have to perform several transactions.

How to Withdraw Money from Affiliate Programs

This is an important thing you have to think twice before join in any affiliate program. You may work hard for money but if you won’t withdraw your hard earn money then it’s too much pathetic. There are several withdrawal method every affiliate programs are offering. You need to be familiar with a few payment methods that will work fine for your all affiliate programs withdrawal.

Wire Transfer

Some affiliate marketplace has the feature to send your affiliate earnings directly to your local bank account. It is a great way to get money from your home.


Paypal is the most accepted payment method in every online media over the world. Sign up in paypal and get you affiliate earning in your Paypal account directly without any hesitation. Most affiliate programs must have the Paypal option.


Payoneer is the worldwide master card service. Sign Up in Payoneer and get your free master debit card within a week. A lot of affiliate programs are accepting Payoneer. You can take your money in Payoneer and withdraw it through your Payoneer master card or withdraw in your local bank account.

Though there are a lot of online payments options are available for your affiliate earnings transactions but above mentioned are the most popular options.

Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing Instead of Other Monetization Program

There are a lot of reasons for that you have to start affiliate marketing instead of making a few bucks from other monetization and marketing program. Here I am going to mention a few key reasons of choosing affiliate marketing rather than other monetization program-

  • Affiliate marketing gives you the chance of making million bucks if you really understand how to do affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing does not require any approval like Adsense approval. You can directly promote affiliate products and earn commissions.
  • There is a great option to promote your own products in the right time
  • Affiliate marketing is a long term money generated process thus you can take it seriously.
  • Other monetization program offers you 0.10 to 10$ for CPA but affiliate marketing may give you thousands dollar for a single product sale.
  • Affiliate promotion is easy if you understand how to do it perfectly.


Tools for Affiliate Marketing


Domain is the name that people will get in internet. You need to register a domain name for your business and build your online business. Namecheap and Godaddy are two popular domain register.


Every Professional Blogger and Affiliate Marketer Recommend Bluehost hosting service to start blogging. It is WordPress official blogging service with one key installation facilities. Sign in Bluehost

Blog Theme

If your blog or business site is not attractive at first view then your visitor won’t buy anything from you or from your affiliate links. To attract more visitors and increase blog credibility you will have to build a clean and affiliate friendly blog and you have to choose a decent theme in cheap price. There are plenty of themes with a lot of features you can choose from Mythemeshop or ElegantTheme.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Link Cloaker helps you to customize your affiliate links and easily add no follow or do follow attribute. The best Affiliate Link Cloaker that most marketer using is ThristyAffiliates . This is worth to use this plugin for better affiliate performance.


SEMrush is a great and effective SEO tools that helps you to analyze your competitors SEO strategy along with your SEO strategies. Try this tool for your business website and blog SEO.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and most efficient way to do Affiliate marketing. Build an effective email list and start promoting your affiliate products through email. For sending thousands of email in a single click and create an attractive email template you need an email marketing tool. Aweber is the most popular email marketing tool that every affiliate marketer needs to use now.

Stock Images

For promoting and creating attractive banners you will have to use high quality images. You will get a lot of images in Google but those are not copyright free and you are not eligible to use these images without permission. Shutterstock helps you out providing high quality images in low price without any copyright issue.


Since a long time WP101 teaching beginners about create WordPress blog with their article and video tutorial and over 1.4 million people have learned WordPress following their tutorial. If you want to be a successful Affiliate Marketer for long term then you have to know how to build a strong platform to increase credibility and generate visitors.


Since now OptinMoster is the best lead generation software. You can create subscribe or signup forms in minutes with this tool. It also offers a bunch of amazing attractive popup design that will turn your visitor into potential leads.



Finally I just wanna say that, don’t give up ever. In the beginning it would be quite hard to cope up with the promotion strategy but once you would be familiar with your audience generation you should be a successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing requires quite tactics and patience. Never depend on any single affiliate program or products. Promote those products what you have used and reputable. One thing keeps in mind that promoting untrusted and fake products may generate a few bucks initially but it will destroy your long term stability in affiliate marketing. Build trust with your brand and be a credible person in your community thus people would count on you and buy your promoted products without any hesitation.
Feel free to ask me anything about affiliate marketing or anything about digital marketing. I will keep you in touch in no time.

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