How to make money online? 10 Best ways to make money Online

We are living in technological era where you can do almost everything in online. People are completely relying on online for IT tasks to be done. Why you don’t be a part of this and earn money from online at home? Yeah, it’s true there are a lot of legitimate ways to earn money from online. Here I am going to mention 10 best legitimate ways to make money online.

Before mentioning those ways to make money online I would like to consider some steps that you should have to follow and learn to earn money online.

First of all you should have to manage either a laptop or desktop to work on and ensure a fast internet connection. I prefer laptop for online work because you can work from anywhere if you just carry your laptop with you. A laptop and a modem help you to work even when you are traveling or chilling in the beach.

Second, you should have to know basic of computer using and net browsing. I guess nowadays almost every people know about computer and internet browsing. I recommend to learn Microsoft Office at first and then how to use Google search terms to find out desired contents.

Third, this is one of the most important thing that you should have to grow is patience. Make money online is easy if you know how to earn and how to work. So you have to learn everything about your work and efficiency and work on it consistently.

Fourth, don’t forget to make friends. The more you interact with the people over the world via social media the more you will have chance to get lucrative opportunity. So don’t be shy to make friends.

Okay, let’s go to see the 10 best ways to make money online-

1.     Blogging

When the question comes in mind “Best way to make money online” undoubtedly the answer is Blogging. Blogging is the best way to make money online. There are plenty of ways to make money with your blog. If you are good at writing or passionate to share your regular life then blogging is for you. If you could make your blog popular and generate good amount of traffic to your blog then you should be able to make living money with your blog. You can use either CPC ads or affiliate marketing to generate money from your blog.

2.     Content Writing

Nowadays content writing is another trendy job for the student and who want to work from home and make money. If you are good at writing and have idea to search in the web and write anything then you can make money writing contents for others. There are a few marketplace like, Upwork, Fiverr where you will get clients who are looking for content writers.

3.     Selling E-book

Selling e-Book online is another great way to make money online. If you are good at something just write an e-book on it and list it in amazon and ebay even you can sell your e-book with your blog too. There are a lot of e-book writer you have earned million dollars selling and writing e-book. Don’t miss the chance of making huge money from your e-book.

4.     Selling Apps

App is one of the most necessity things for smartphones and Pcs. People are always looking for helpful and efficient app to make their work done. You can develop an app or outsourced an app from someone and list it in Google play store. It may needs some investments but if you once get positive reviews then you could make huge money from your app. If you have innovative idea then you can make a paid app that people should buy for their needs.

5.     Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular money generating work for online marketers. Affiliate marketing is the process that you just promote someone’s product and influence people to buy that product. When people buy that product you will get a portion of profit from the seller of that product. Sometimes you will get 50% of the profit for affiliate marketing. The more you are able to sell products, the more you earn. I saw a lot of marketers who are making more than $ 10k each month from affiliate marketing. If you have a blog then affiliate marketing is the best option for you to make money online. This is not compulsory to have a blog for affiliate marketing. If you have a bunch of people on social media or email who have trust on you then you are eligible to start affiliate marketing.

6.     Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is the person who helps others or a company to make their task done online. A virtual assistant works from home. There a lot of companies and clients who always like to hire a virtual assistant to make their online task done. If you are good at communication and have skills on managing emails and data then you are the right person for this profession. You can make smart amount of money to be a virtual assistant. Nowadays virtual assistant is a popular profession for them who want to make money online.

7.     Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most popular virtual communicating media at present. Almost every people are somehow connected with social media. Social media takes a great role for online marketing. More even in some cases social media directly act as selling platform. Social Media marketing is now much important to increase sales and creditability. Almost every company are now trying to get exposure on social media. Companies are investing huge money for social media marketing. If you have good communication skills and ideas to attract people then social media marketing could be the perfect profession for you to make money online.

8.     Graphics Design

Graphics Design is one of the attractive and innovative professions till now. Since years it takes a great position in online profession. A lot of companies like to outsource their graphics work. Upwork, Graphic river, Freelancer has a big market for the graphic designer. You can learn graphic design and start working in any freelance marketplace.

9.     Web Developing

Web Developing means to create website. A website is very important for a brand or a company. A website helps to build creditability for a company fast. People can know about the product and services of a company from their website. Even E-commerce businesses are now very popular. Almost every small business owner demand a e commerce site to sale their products and services directly from their site. If you love coding and innovative work then you can learn web developing. Web developing is very demanded and high paid profession.

10.     Microworkers is my personal choice for those who just want to earn pocket money. It’s very popular for the student and part time workers. Here you don’t need to learn anything complicated. If you are able to create email and other social media profiles then you can work here. This site don’t give you huge money but if you pay 1 or 2 hours daily then you could make 200$-300$ monthly. I recommend this site to start make money online for the first time who never tried.


Though there are a lot of ways to make money online but I just mentioned best 10 ways. You may find other ways that are lucrative too. Don’t feel shy to try other legitimate ways to make money from online.

Feel free to share your option and experience about How to make money Online. If you get this post helpful then don’t forget to share this with your friends and help your friends to make money online.

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