How to Make Money With a Blog? 14 Proven Ways

Most people think blogging is nothing but waste of time. Anyone ever make money from blogging?

You may frequently hear that blogging can’t be a career. There is no future for a blogger.

You should have to earn higher degree or doing business if you want to be successful in life and earn more money. It’s partly true.

I heard a lot from my surrounded people that I am wasting my times and going to ruin my future. It’s okay.

I am doing what that I love. Blogging is my passion. I love to read and wanna share what I have learned from others.

I saw a many pro blogger who started blogging as passion and now making more than $100,000 each month.  NeilPatel with his ProBlogger making million $$$ every year with his blog.

If you really want to make money with blogging then you should have to make blogging is your passion. You have to work hard and have to learn every single thing to create a place for you in the bloggers community.

Now come to the point. How they are making million dollar with their blogs and how many legitimate ways to make money with blogging.

Here are 13 best ways to make money with blogging.

1.      CPC/PPC Ads

Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click Ads are a type od advertising method when your visitor click on your blog Ads you will get paid for it. You can monetize your blog with a advertising company and they will show their ads in your blog. They will pay you for every click that generates from your blog.

2.      CPM Ads

Cost Per Impression is quite similar to CPC. Advertising publishing company will pay you for every visitor those are seeing their Ads in your blog.

3.      Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular Ads network. Adsense publisher select relevant ads for your blog. You just need to place the banner in your blog and adsense do everything.

If you are a new blogger and your blog is brand new then it’s quite hard to get Google Adsense Approval. Don’t worry if you get rejected from Google Adsense. There are hundreds of Adsense Alternative. All you need to just choose best one that works well for your blog.

4.      Publish Private Ads

Don’t worry if you feel uneasy to publish CPC/CPM Ads. If you have huge targeted traffic then you can sale your blog space to other companies to publish their advertisement. This way you can contact directly to the ad publisher and fix a monthly rate for publishing their ads.

Also you can publish their banners, flayers or links in your blog. This could help you to make huge money with your blog. This is a quite lengthy process because you should have to build a strong traffic source to your blog to convince ads publisher. But when you have done this will generate sustainable money for a long time.

5.      Rent Blog Space

You can rent your blog space to publish others content in your blog for a fixed price rate. This is a good way to earn money with your blog for a time. Many companies are willing to post their review article in popular blog that they will be able to catch concentration of the people.

6.      Events

This is an awesome way to make money with blogging by creating and running an event.  Nowadays events and conference are more popular among the people. You can charging people for joining the event or you could manage sponsor for the event.

7.      Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best source to make money with blogging till now. Most of the bloggers are making million dollars every year publishing affiliate programs in their blogs.

Affiliate marketing is, Promoting other companies product in your blog and when your readers buy that product from your blog link you will earn a portion of the profit for selling that product.

There is no limitation of earning in affiliate program. The more you generate buyers the more you will make money.

You don’t need huge traffic to start affiliate program in your blog. A few engaged user are perfect to earn money with your blog.

8.      Selling Membership

If you are developing a career base or lifestyle tips blog then you can sell your blog membership that your readers will pay you to get idea from your blog post. Though it is quite hard to establish that type of blog but it’s highly lucrative. I saw a lot business blog who are selling membership to see their business strategies.

9.      E-Books

Selling e-Books is another popular source of earning money with blogging. Many writers are offering more than 40% commission if you sell their books in your blog. It is also easy to turn your readers to buyers. Modern people also like to read e-book more than paper book. E-book is quite handy. Even you can write an e-Book in your niche and sell it in your blog.

10.  Selling Products & Services

If you don’t like to show others ads in your blog then you can promote products and services among your readers. You can sell your own developed products. This way you can spread your business along with your blog. You can sell your products from home.

11.  Amazon Affiliate

I already write about affiliate marketing is a source of making huge money with a blog. Amazon is the largest online marketplace from where you can buy almost everything. Amazon affiliates program offers you to promote their product link in your blog and when your readers click on these links and buy a product you will get 10-25% of revenue.

12. Online Course

If you are popular or you have huge audience in your blog then you can develop an online course and sell it in your blog. People like to learn at home nowadays. Pro Blogger are selling their online course in their blog and making a lot of money.  Never assume or develop an online course that your audience never wants.

13. Review Products

Reviewing other producer products and post it in your blog could generate a smart amount of money. If you are popular and have huge traffic then product developer are willing to give their product to you and you just need to use it and publish an honest review about that product.

Never publish a review without using the product or just assuming its quality.  If you do so then you should lose your audience trust.

14. Selling Blog

If you start blogging as a hobby and don’t want to continue then you can sell your blog. There are many buyers who wanna buy established blog with paying high amount. I saw a lot of bloggers are creating blog and working on it then selling it to other. Creating and selling blogs could be a huge business if you are really passionate.

Making money with blogging is totally upon to you. If you can’t build an engaged community then you will never be able to make a single penny with your blog.

Create quality content that people read your blog and build creditability. Making money is really easy when you start learning everything about blogging.

I know these all methods are not perfect for your blog but start experiment every method so you could be clear which one works perfect in your blog.

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