Why Niche Blog is More Profitable Than Lifestyle Blog?

We all may know there are two types of blog sites are in the web.  One is Lifestyle Blog and another is Niche Blog.

Different types of blogs give you different topics what should you post on your blog. You can write everything in a lifestyle blog or you can choose a specific topic to write about and post on your blog. Now question is should you write everything in one place or you should choose a specific category for your blog?

Niche Blog is where you write about on a particular thing, there is no other category. Niche blog is for a specific goal and for the specific readers who are looking for a specific content. Niche blog always drive traffic who are looking exactly that what you are posting in your blog. So it is quite sure that most traffic of a niche blog is permanent. However, If you share quality content then you don’t need to ask your readers to come back again.


Why you should start Niche Blog?


1.     Save Time

Think about yourself first. When you looking for something in the web first thing came into your mind is that you search exactly those sites/blogs whoever providing same information. Even I prefer niche blogs to get my desired information. It saves my time. I am going exactly to those blogs where I know I get authentic posts. In a miscellaneous blog there is lot of categories and topics that is quite hard to find exactly that what I am looking for. I visit miscellaneous blogs to get entertainment and to kill my time. But when I am in rush and pushed for the work I would like to visit niche site. It’s good for the reader to get in touch with niche blog. But what advantages do the blogger get from a niche blog?


2.     Niche Blog Keeps you on Focus

Do you ever feel bore when you start writing? To stay focused is not so easy for a long time, especially for the bloggers. When you start writing miscellaneous you just getting puzzled because you don’t know what you are writing about. You stay in confusion when you going to choose topics for your new post as you don’t have a specific category for your miscellaneous blog.  When you have a specific category to your blog you have plenty of tools to get idea to write content.

You have lifestyle blog and thinking what you write today

  • Do you see anything interesting today to write about?
  • Do you really experience anything new today?
  • Do you write anything new today to write about?
  • Do you learn anything interesting that you can share with your readers?


You have a Niche blog on tech, what you can write about it?

  • You can search on Google on tech and get a lot of ideas.
  • You can follow tech blogs and collect ideas from their posts
  • You can post guest post on tech related blog about your blog
  • You can follow tech related companies sites to know about their latest gadgets and write about it

So you can stay focused on your niche blogs easily and have get plenty of ideas to write about.


3.     Niche Blog Gives You Reliable Traffic

Miscellaneous blog readers are mainly those people who know you or like to read something interesting. They are not your permanent audience. If you have a lifestyle blog you will get a lot of traffic only if you are a celebrity. People like to know about your lifestyle and about yourself so they will subscribe your blog to keep themselves up to date with your posts. But if you are not famous then it’s quite hard to attract people on your blog.

I had a tech blog where I got a lot of subscribers who are really wanted to know about technology and tech updates. But when I start posting miscellaneously subscribes are went away as I stopped posting about tech.

It is clear that you will get a lot of subscribers who are only like your niche. Niche blog gives you audience who understands you and you understand.


4.     Easy to Earn from Niche Blog

If you want to make money from your blog then I recommend go for a niche blog. You can make money from your blog by posting advertise or share affiliate links on your blog.

If you create a miscellaneous blog then what products are perfect for your blog can you sort out? I think it’s not possible to find out the interest of your audience thus you are posting miscellaneous posts. Even you won’t manage advertisers for your blog easily.

But if you have a niche blog like tech blog you can easily understand that your audiences are like technology and gadgets. So you can publish advertising of tech companies and earn more.

5.     Niche Blog helps to grow up your knowledge

If you have a miscellaneous blog then it is quite hard to learn everything perfectly or you can not concentrate on each category. Niche blog coverage everything under that category that you could be a master of that niche. Niche blog helps to follow your interest that you don’t need to read and write everything. You can create a niche blog in what you have enough knowledge that able to turn your blog to a brand.

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Furthermore, You can sale your niche blog easily. A lot of people are looking for buying a specific niche blog for their business and marketing. It’s obvious you can’t be an expert on everything. You can’t solve every problems what we are looking for. Niche blog creates a platform where everything of a specific topic are available.

I think you are already clear that a niche blog is more lucrative than a lifestyle blog. You don’t need to think about thousands idea. You just think about one idea in different aspects. Start a blog and share what you have learned, what you have done.

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