What is The best Blogging Platform to Start a Blog? Blogger or WordPress

When people think to start a blog then first question came in their mind that is which blogging platform is better to start a blog either blogger or wordpress. It’s quite confusing for a newbie who intent to start a blog. People mostly suggest to start a blog either blogger or wordpress. But when you think about a professional blog and wanna earn money with your blog then my answer is WordPress undoubtedly. With your self-hosted WordPress blog you can do a lot of things that you can’t with BlogSpot blog.

For a startup blogging journey WordPress and Blogger both offers free blogging platform. But if you want to build a professional blog and earn from it then I would suggest you to start a self-hosted wordpress blog.

I started my first blog on Blogger and this is really a good idea to learn blogging with a free self-hosted BlogSpot blog. But later I have built my self-hosted blog on WordPress to continue my blogging journey for a long time.

Why Blogger or WordPress

There are a lot of proven reason to start a blog on WordPress. Millions of popular and authority blogs are on WordPress. I highly recommend you to go with WordPress if you are serious about blogging. Lets read the reason what is the best blogging platform? Blogger or WordPress


Control Over Your Blog

BlogSpot is a blogging platform offer by Google. Google can delete or ban your blog anytime. This is one of the major reasons to choose Self-hosted wordpress blog. If you use a custom domain name in Blogspot platform then the chances are high to delete your blog without any warning or prior notice. If you do spam or share anything that violates Google Content policy then your BlogSpot blog would be instant banned.

The most important thing you will get entire control over your wordpress self hosted blog but you never get control over your BlogSpot blog. If you are really serious about blogging then I always recommend you to start a blog on WordPress.


Plugins and Customer Support

wordpPress has huge number of plugins to maintain and customize your blog easily even with no coding skill. WordpPress has several strong communities where you will get entire solution about blogging and how to setup a blog on WordPress. Even there are a lot of Social media group exists on wordpress where a lot of people are talking about wordPress. If you start your blog on WordPress you will never feel alone. Moreover, WordPress customer support is very responsive.

Though BlogSpot is easy to start but it has not enough plugins and features to customize your blog. When I started blogging on BlogSpot, I had to customize my post, media everything manually. If you want to make a simple and short term blog then go with BlogSpot but if you wanna start blogging professionally and intend to make a classy blog then should go with WordPress self hosted blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It doesn’t matter what about your blog is or where your blog is hosted. Traffic is the heart of a blog. Search Engine Optimization helps you to generate traffic to your blog from search engine. WordPress offers a lot of effective plugins that works great and optimize your blog perfectly that will help you to generate traffic to your blog. On BlogSpot you have to do a lot of tasks regarding search engine optimization to promote your blog in search engine. Search Engine is one of the important parts of blogging. So for better optimization results every blogger choose WordPress self hosted platform.

Public Reputation of a Blog

We know brand name is a thing that is a weakness of people’s choice. WordPress has awesome reputation in every blogging community whether BlogSpot is not in any position. People hardly count on BlogSpot blog. A lot of people are using BlogSpot for doing spamming. Even we the people don’t trust on any free thing. If you want to make your blog a brand then you should have to choose WordPress self hosted blog instead of BlogSpot.  Still confuse blogger or wordpress?

Theme and Design

BlogSpot offers a few numbers of templates but that are not customizable. Even they are not with enough professional user interfaces. WordPres offers a lot of Free and paid themes that you can customize easily according to your needs. You have fully access over your theme and design on wordpress so that you can redesign your blog with lots of features.


Most of the monetization programs do not like free BlogSpot blog. Even you have to do a lot of work to earn money from Google Adsense with your BlogSpot blog. If you start blogging on wordpress then it is easy to start earning from your blog. You will get hundreds of monetization offers with your blog and that will be lucrative for you.

Buy Sell

You can resell your wordpress blog anytime to anyone. WordPress blog has more value that it gives entire control over the blog. Google Strictly prohibited buy or sell a BlogSpot blog even none will interested to buy a blog that is out of control and Google can ban that blog anytime. A lot of people are making huge money just buying and selling self hosted wordpress blog.
WordPress is regularly updating and releasing latest features that are amazing. Whether, BlogSpot release new updates hardly. Unless you just want to give a try on blogging then WordPress is worth to start with without any doubt.
It may charges some money for buying a Domain name and Hosting but it will generate enough money to live your life on time. If you are enough passionate and dedicated to start blogging then go with blogging and invest some penny that will bring a lot after some hard work.

So what you decide to start your blog blogger or wordpress? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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