Write a Blog in No Time That Generates Huge Traffic

You may think writing is so easy if you know what you are going to write about. But when you come to real action you will face a lot of problems to Write a Blog . Writing is something like riding a cycle. You can do a lot of study on “How to Ride Bi-cycle” but until you start riding bi-cycle you won’t understand or couldn’t learn how to ride a bi-cycle.

Don’t worry; I am not here to make you confused. I am just saying you the truth of writing a perfect article for your blog. Blog is mandatory if you want to grow your business or have plans to make money by blogging. You never could be able to see success of your blog if you don’t have enough awesome blog content in your blogs that people love to read and share.

Are you already excited to know how to Write a Blog that generates huge traffic? Here are some simple steps to Write a Blog . Let’s get started from the beginning-

Proper Planning

First of all you have to understand that it is quite impossible to Write a Blog post in 10 minutes or shortest time. It may take couple of hours to Write a Blog , even if your typing speed is more than 60 words in minute. You have to make a proper plan before start writing a blog post. Make sure you have enough resource and materials to start your writing unless you will not be able to go far. Proper planning give you everything and tech you more that will increase your efficiency.

Choose Topic

Be sure you have a topic to write on that. Never choose a topic in which you have no interest. Blogging is fun when you are going to Write a Blog on that thing that is closely related with your passion. If you are going to write something that you don’t know or never had any attraction then you could not finish your writing. Most blog posts don’t get popularity because of interesting topic and lack of information.

Write an Outline about Your Blog Post

Before start Write a Blog , write an outline where you will find what you need to do step by step. It will help you to keep you on track and don’t forget anything that should have to put into your blog post. Complete each step of your outline and mark it done.

Do Research

Do you know, even professional bloggers are not know everything. It is one of the biggest secret in blogging world. Sometimes they start writing on a topic that they didn’t know but after some research and study make them efficient to write about that. If your blog is on lifestyle then maybe you don’t need to research a lot but if you are writing on a niche blog then you have to learn a lot that there is not limit of learning. You can get some Wikipedia about your topic but depending only on wikipeida is totally wrong decision. Read several blog posts about the topic that you have plan to write a blog on.


Be sure your headline is as specific as your topic. Vague headline isn’t suitable to attract people who really want to learn from your article. You can choose your headline either before writing your article or can choose when you have done your article and choose a perfect headline according to your article. It’s better to stay focused on a specific headline and write as much information as possible.  80% people are just read your headline and ignore to read in details. So work on your headline and make it more attractive and curious that people get interest to read your article.

Write in One Session

You can either Write a Blog with a single sitting or break in system. I preferred to complete an entire article in single sitting. It helps to focus on your task and minimize the chance of forgetting important points. But there is no wrong if you Write a Blog at break in system. One session writing helps you to increase your efficiency and write more in shortest time.

Select Effective Media

Writing a book is totally different than writing a blog post. People are busy to do their everyday work. They don’t have enough time to read lengthy post. A single image can describe thousands words. Media file helps to break long text and readers can take a look on specific point easily. People like interesting and effective media file in blog post. Even Google gives priorities on those posts which have enough media file along with text.

Media file also makes a complex topic easier by visualization. Even a “How to” post gets more reach if it belongs video tutorial.

Optimize Post

You can write a thousand words article but you won’t get reader for it until you optimize your post and search engine rank your post. Be sure you have chosen a popular keyword with high search volume and low competition rate. Professional blogger recommend using long tail keyword that get ranks easily in search engine. Don’t write your keyword too much in your post. Keep it 3-5% of your entire post words.


You already understand that Write a Blog post has no shortcut method. Editing a blog post is much hard than writing a blog post. Sentence structure and grammatical errors are much important for a great blog post.

Repetition of a word too much in a blog post is really irritating for readers. Check and replace the repeated word with perfect synonyms or replace the phrase. I have learned from a professional blog that read out loud of a blog post helps to find out errors easily. It helps to find awkward sentence so that you can work on that sentence or phrase.

Do you think using complex sentence and synonyms represents your strong grammatical expertise? People don’t like to read complex sentence. Simple sentence and short paragraph can make your post reader friendly.

If you are a new blogger then it’s better to ask your friends to read your article. It will help you to make your post stronger.


Finally it’s proved that nothing is easy in blogging if you don’t have patience. The more you research the more your efficiency in blogging. Start writing daily and it will help you to make you a perfect writer. Don’t feel shy to check your previous blog post and if needed edit them frequently.

Quality is more important that Quantity.

Remember, Practice makes a man perfect. You are not wasting your time wring an article imperfectly. It just makes your writing skill strong to stronger.

If there anything else that I forget to mention for Write a Blog, please feel free to let us know in comment.
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